Hojo Stodola has only just been released. In fact, what is available now is the first stage of Hojo Stodola which helps you choose the main characteristics of the turbine and to perform an initial calculation. In addition, there is already a custom mode with advanced functionality for the detailed design of the stages and their layout. If you are willing to help, we will give you three months of free and unlimited access. In return, we ask you to tell us any imperfection that we need to solve every point of improvement that we need to make.

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We provide highly specialized consultancy on thermal energy systems. Whether you want to design or improve your steam, gas or ORC turbine or conceive and design a power plant or any energy conversion system, we can provide you with top expertise. In addition, we offer the ASIMPTOTE software suite, which is a set of interoperable applications for the design, optimization, operation, and maintenance of energy conversion systems and their components.

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ASIMPTOTE's mission is to provide the most advanced expertise and software tools to the energy engineering market

We bring the latest knowledge and computer programs in the thermal energy conversion field straight from the best universities to your company. We do this by

Staying at the frontline of technology

ASIMPTOTE is a conduit of expertise from internationally renowned researchers to industry. Through our permanent cooperation with scientists, we have access to top-level expertise in all the aspects of modeling, design and optimization of energy systems and components. This means that we can provide you with consultancy and software for challenges that go well beyond current technology and practice.

Our market

Our market consists of all the companies and institutes involved in the thermal energy conversion chain. These include:

  • Utility companies
  • OEM's of power systems and components (R&D departments)
  • OEM's of propulsion systems and components (terrestrial and aerospace)
  • Divisions specialized in energy engineering and/or energy savings for the manufacturing industry (e.g. chemicals, oil and gas, etc.)
  • Suppliers and operators of gas turbine fleets and aircraft engines
  • Energy engineering firms and companies
  • Government agencies
  • Research institutes