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GSP License Options

Standard NLR Edition

The GSP standard edition and kernel has been developed by National Aerospace Laboratory NLR. More information can be obtained at It is continuously further developed by NLR and Delft University (3mE and Aerospace faculties). A license to this version can be obtained either from NLR directly or from Asimptote for the same price and end-user conditions.

Delft University add-ons

Apart from the standard edition, a number of specific modeling elements have been developed by Delft University DUT, which are only available from Asimptote. These add-on libraries are:

  • Adaptive modeling gas path analysis component library
  • Engine fleet performance and condition monitoring database add-on
  • Advanced 1-D thermal recuperator component model for transient simulation of recuperated gas turbines
  • Rotating duct component library (for simulating rotating elements in the gas path)

Use of the DUT edition requires a valid license of the standard edition, which can be purchased either from NLR or from Asimptote.


Additional Information