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Cycle-Tempo Model examples

Here it is possible to download a number of examples demonstrating the features of Cycle-Tempo. They illustrate the use of several component types, calculation options, sub-systems and full systems.

The descriptions of the examples can be viewed directly or be downloaded as PDF-file. The accompanying Cycle-Tempo input files have been stored in a ZIP-file and can be downloaded too. In order to view and use the Cycle-Tempo files you should have Cycle-Tempo Release 5 (build 450) or better.

   Description  Cycle-Tempo 5 data files
 Component examples    
 Steam turbine  Steam turbine.pdf  Steam
 Condenser  Condenser.pdf
 Heat exchanger  Heat exchanger.pdf  Heat
 Stack  Stack.pdf
 Examples of calculation options      
 Exergy calculation    Exergy.pdf
 Examples of sub-systems    
 Cooling tower  No description available  Cool
 Full systems      
 Simple steam power plant  Simple steam cycle.pdf  Simple steam  
 Conventional steam power plant  Conventional steam cycle.pdf  Conventional steam  
 Gas turbine  Gas turbine.pdf  Gas  
 STAG-unit with back-pressure steam turbine  Simple STAG.pdf  Simple  
 STAG power station of the Free University Amsterdam  FU STAG.pdf  FU  
 District heating  District Heating.pdf  District  
 Simple heat pump (REFPROP needed)  No description available  Simple heat  
 Solid Oxid Fuel Cell system (external ref.)  No description available  SOFC external  
 Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell system  No description available  
 Solid Polymer Fuel Cell system (PEM-FC)  No description available  SPFC  
 Integrated biomass gasification comb. cycle  No description available  Biomass  
 Ammonia┬ľ-water absorption refrig. system  Science Direct publication