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GSP is a modelling and simulation environment for performance analysis of gas turbines. It allows steady-state and transient simulation of virtually any gas turbine configuration using a user-friendly drag & drop interface.

The GSP core version is brought to the market by NLR. Asimptote is reseller of the GSP core version and offers several add-ons, specifically for

  • gas path analysis for (GPA add-on)
    • engine diagnostics,
    • condition monitoring
    • and test analysis,
  • engine fleet performance and condition trending (database add-on)
  • analysis of thermal/heat transfer effects, in particular for
    • modelling performance of small and micro turbine
    • simulation of Combined Heat Power (CHP) systems
  • rotating duct component library (RDC add-on)

Key features of GSP are

  • A user-friendly drag and drop modelling interface
  • Validated for a wide range of existing gas turbines
  • Especially suited for parameter sensitivity analysis, e.g. for component deterioration effects
  • User configurable control system logic

Additional features

  • Exports to CSV files for further analysis with tools like Excel,
  • Exports graphical output to bitmap and EMF formats to the Windows clipboard,
  • An Application Programmers Interface (API) for controlling GSP simulations from external programs, such as Matlab-Simulink®.
  • A developers license (Component Developers Package; CDP) to enable customers to develop their own components and libraries.

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Engine monitoring

Having accurate engine condition data will help you save on your maintenance costs and enhance safety of operations. With Asimptote’s GPA module, you can turn your engine model into a Gas Path Analysis tool, which determines the condition of the engine from performance data. The Gas Path Analysis tool can be applied wherever sufficient performance data are available, both for engine testing (in the maintenance environment) and on-line during normal operations. Asimptote’s GPA tool is used in several major aero engine and industrial maintenance environments. It is applied for both land based gas turbines and aero-engines.