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zTurbo is a 1D tool for the preliminary design of turbines that use highly non-ideal fluids, like ORC turbines.  It takes into account the real thermo-physical characteristics of non-ideal fluids that strongly determine the efficiency and performance of this kind of expanders.

zTurbo gives excellent predictions of the actual performance of ORC turbines. Errors are typically in the order of a few percent.

The main features of zTurbo are:

  • It embeds complex thermo-physical models through FluidProp software.
  • It supports multiple turbine architectures:
    • Axial turbines
    • Radial inflow turbines
    • Radial outflow turbines
  • It incorporates various loss models:
    • Craig-Cox loss model
    • Traupel loss model
    • Baines loss model
    • Glassman loss model
  • It allows a quick integration with optimization tools to find optimal design parameters.

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Determining optimal design parameters

Selecting the proper basic design parameters is an essential step to develop an efficient turbine. When you make the wrong choice here, you will never get to an efficient turbine, no matter what optimizations you do in the further development process. But how do you find the basic design parameters for turbines based on unconventional architectures and organic fluids? This is exactly where zTurbo comes in: it gives you the power to play around with design parameters for advanced turbines until you find a configuration that gives the performance you need. From then on, you can use 2D and 3D modeling capabilities to further improve your turbine design.