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zTurbo Licensing


zTurbo is currently only available as a beta release. This version is fully functional and stable, but it has been out only for a relatively short period.


zTurbo is offered under the following two licenses.

  • Lease license, which gives you access to your version of zTurbo for a limited period of time
    • standard lease period of 1 year
    • shorter lease periods available at a surcharge
    • lease can be extended with one year indefinitely
    • option to add a maintenance contract to receive updates and support
  • Academic license
    • a strongly reduced fee for universities
    • intended solely for purely non-commercial research or educational purposes

Maintenance contract

The maintenance contract:

  • entitles you to updates that become availabe in a year
  • entitles you to 10 hours of support through e-mail and phone
  • can be terminated annually

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