Hydrofluoroolefins Add-On

The Hydrofluoroolefins Add-On provides extra fluids to be used with FreeStanMix (FluidProp Basic), StanMix (StanMix Add-On) and PCP-SAFT (PCP-SAFT Add-On).To use it, first download FluidProp Basic. For complete information about FluidProp, check out the FluidProp main page.

The extra fluids are:

  • HCFO-1233zd-E
  • HFO-1234yf
  • HFO-1234ze-E
  • HFO-1243zf
  • HFO-1336mzz-Z

You can find more information on these fluids and the accuracy of the models in Backgrounds of the HFO models.pdf.