Derivatives Add-On Educational

The Derivatives add-on adds the capability to calculate analytical and numerical derivatives to FluidProp Basic.  To use it, first download FluidProp Basic.

This free, fully functional version of the Derivatives Add-On is intended for educational use only. The license period is limited to a time frame of half a year. You can request extensions if you need this add-on for a longer period.

You can download this version for free if we can establish that you have an academic affiliation. First, please register as a customer. Then send an e-mail to and provide us with some evidence that you are indeed an academic user. This evidence may be an e-mail sent from an academic e-mail account (either by you as an academic, or by your supervisor if you are a student) or a scan of your college card. As soon as we have certified that you are an academic user, you will be notified that you can download your free version of the Derivatives Add-On.

The Derivatives add-on also works for the other add-ons (RefProp, StanMix and PCP-SAFT) but these are not free.

For complete information about FluidProp, check out the FluidProp main page.