Cycle-Tempo Educational

This fully functional version of Cycle-Tempo is intended for academic use. You can download this version for a strongly reduced fee if we can establish that you have an academic affiliation. The license period is limited to a time frame of half a year. You can request extensions if you need Cycle-Tempo for a longer period.

To establish whether you have an academic affiliation, please send an e-mail to and provide us with some evidence that you are indeed an academic user. This evidence may be an e-mail sent from an academic e-mail account (either by you as an academic, or by your supervisor if you are a student) or a scan of your college card. As soon as we have certified that you are an academic user, you will be notified that you can download your educational version of Cycle-Tempo.

Full information about Cycle-Tempo can be found on the Cycle-Tempo main page.